Laura’s Garden

The video Laura's Garden, 2004, originates from a pattern extracted from one of Viale's photograph and digitally redrawn, then multiplied endlessly with different sizes and colours. The departure point, taken from nature, undergoes a phased transformation designed to create very "light" images – light in the Italo Calvino sense of "not heavy".

These images pulsate to the nervous rhythms of an electronic melody, whose sounds recall those of our everyday technological devices. The observer is transported into a space, which is not subject to the weightiness of reality, a place for cultivation and escape.

Laura's Garden was presented at the XIV Quadriennale di Roma - Anteprima Torino, Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Turin, 2004.

Laura’s Garden
video, 01’:20’’
video sountrack by SyntheLabo

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