No! was commisioned by Riots, Here We Are, the XV Share Festival, curated by Bruce Sterling and Chiara Garibaldi, Turin, 2020.

Riots… I confess that at first glance this theme seemed to me distant from my research…

Then I started to be intrigued by the idea of ​​"riot" as a subjective and inner experience… To decide to say "no!".

During the lockdown I pursued volatile thoughts and possible forms, in the wake of an inner revolt that has inhabited me in recent months, following the no longer sustainable worsening of a long-standing family story.

I tried, even literally, to find a way to look at this revolt closely.

Among my attempts to intersect “viscera” and form there was a small ritual, during which I tore a sheet of my thoughts, photographing the fragments of paper with a microscope.

These fragments became posters, reproduced in hundreds of copies and assembled in large piles.

Visitors to the exhibition were welcome to take one with them.

Laura Viale, 2020