Fiore in un fiore, e un fiore

Fiore in un fiore, e un fiore (Flower in a flower, and a flower), 2019, takes shape in a process that is both operative and conceptual, hybridizing subjectivity and technological devices.

It originates from some wild flowers whose shapes, scanned and printed in 3D, are only partially reproduced, in different scales, giving rise to fragments that seem to emerge from the coordinates of the three dimensions, or perhaps from “other” dimensions.

Other portions of the work do not derive from the original forms but materialize allowing the printer to work 'freely' or otherwise called ‘mistakenly’. In one of the pieces that make up the sculpture, the intersection of two elements creates a “third” area, visible thanks to the transparency of the photosensitive resin with which they are made.

Flower in a flower, and a flower is a changing presence, whose perception varies according to the way in which the light - and the look - passes through it.

The sculpture prototype was created and exhibited with the support of the XIV Share Festival, Ghosts, curated by Bruce Sterling and Chiara Garibaldi, Turin, 2019.