MODO is a cultural association born in Brussels in the studios of the artists Serena Fineschi, Alessandro Scarabello and Laura Viale.

It is a place of daily practice, as well as a place aimed at stimulating, enriching and renewing the dialogue on the centrality and importance of artwork.

Through targeted events, MODO fosters open discussions in which guests reflect upon selected works of art, focusing on their meaning and place in today's perpetual panorama of instant images.

Talks and projects

Instagram, 16 May - 4 June 2020

M’ODO is an initiative that arises from the desire to put the spoken word and listening in contrast to the saturation of visual information that has cluttered our way of seeing and consumed our ability to imagine. 
Therefore, the M’ODO project asks: Are we able to re-establish our vision, starting from simply listening to a word?
We have asked to more than 50 artists to send us the recording of a single word, without any limitation of concept. 
The audio contributions were posted one-by-one on our Instagram profile to the rhythm of three per day.
This nonsensical appeal, this independent artistic operation, has also given rise to a single collective voice. A sound string created by sequentially assembling all the individual contributions, was posted at the end of the project.
In Italian, the title of the project, “M’ODO”, means “I am listening to myself”, but it is also an anagram of the name of the MODO cultural association, which conceived and curated the project.


Frédéric De Goldscmidt and Edoardo Monti in dialogue with Marina Dacci

A conversation between two generations of collectors

Sunday, September 8th, 2019