To Unfold: Attempt #1 (Giardini Cavour, Torino), 2013


To Unfold
(used with object)
To bring out of a folded state; to spread out or lay open to view; to reveal or display; to reveal or disclose in
words; explain.
(used without object)
To become unfolded; open. To develop. To become clear, apparent, or known.


This piece has been specially created for the exhibition Un---fold, which presents work of different kinds and dimensions, but which can all be dismantled into A4 format.

The silhouettes of the trees in Piazza Cavour in Turin, where Laura Viale lived for over thirty years, are multiplied and repeated from different view points: reflected, turned round or superimposed. The result is a visual and mental forest, an ambience belonging to her past, but at the same time unidentifiable with any particular place; it could allude more generally to an attempt to seek unexplored or displaced aspects, like the variable, evasive nature of our psyche.

The work, printed on a transparent base, can be assembled in different ways each time by moving, adding or subtracting images.

The Un---fold exhibition, curated and promoted by A Room (Helsinki, Finland), Big Bang (Invorio, Italy), Black Duck (Berlin, Germany) and Red Nomade (Valencia, Spain), travelled from the Associazione Barriera, Turin, to A Room, Helsinki, Finland and Museo Soares dos Reis - Frame Research, Porto, Portugal (2013); Kessler Contemporary and Lametro, Valencia, Spain (2013-2014); Asme Galerie, Berlin, Germany (2014).