Perfect World, commission, video, 2010, HD, 04':30"


Perfect World could be the world in which we would live in a few years if, for example, the incredible variety of flowers and herbs that populate meadows in spring were to be supplanted by just a few species of stronger and more resilient plants over time...

The unreal colours of nature transport us to a pIace as seductive as it is disturbing, where enthusiasm and confidence in innovation are faced with the fear and recognition of not being certain about the consequences of the "gene revolution".

The title, Perfect World, alludes to the homonymous online fantasy game, where different races fight to conquer the domain of various territories, and moreover it suggests the risk of being in a perfect world but, possibly, too empty and too cold.

The transformation of a variegated world – symbolised by the flowery meadow – into a mono-tone world, is in fact a metaphor for much more extensive social-economic transformations, such as loss of diversity and identity, and standardisation.

This video was commissioned by the Biotechnology Foundation of Torino for the show Bioteche, curated by Franco Torriani, ESOF 2010, Museum of Natural Science, Torino; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Villa Croce, Genova, 2011.
In 2011 it was selected for the 14th International Environmental Film Festival Cinemambiente, National Cinema Museum, Torino.