Di là fioriscono carote selvagge (Wild Carrots Bloom Over There), 2018


In these photographs, which are taken at night using a LED flashlight and long exposure times, surfacing from the black of the darkness are natural elements whose presence is of variable intensity, the result of the overlapping in transparency of different shots taken of the same place. The images that are the result of this process have the consistency of apparitions, traces that refer to the nature of the photographic medium and to the fact that it is an absolute dive into the material of time.

The allusion to a spatio-temporal multidimensionality, to a space-time from which it is possible to come and go, is suggested in the title itself: Wild Carrots Bloom Over There, the indication of an elswhere to which quantum physics has assigned a fully legitimate status and that in these works takes shape in a process at once operative and conceptual of stratification.

(excerpt from Francesca Comisso's text Di là fioriscono carote selvagge)