In Laura Viale's work nature and artifice, reality and fiction, provide the material for investigating perceptive thresholds, suspended between concrete experience and abstraction.

Many of her projects take shape through photography, which she considers to be a contemplative practice. It allows the gaze some seconds more than usually granted, like long exposures enable the camera lens to reveal what can sometimes be seen, but rarely preserved with the eyes.

Over the years, she has also been using other media, to create drawings, installations, videos and pieces that explore digital techniques. The latter, although originating with photographic shots, move away from an immediate link with reality, towards an explicitly abstract formalisation.

The non-documentary character of her works, and an approach leaving space for chance and the unexpected, recurrent throughout her use of various techniques, suggest atmospheres to be experienced without narrative or spatial/temporal preconditioning.

"En plein air" research and the physical relationship with the environment where she works are important components of her creative process. Through nature – in urban contexts as well as in wild places – she questions spaces of possible intersection between the external world and interiority.

Viale's "landscapes" are invitations to cultivate a contemplative way of seeing the world, which, beyond its personal significance, is an important environmental practice.