In my work nature and artifice, reality and fiction, provide the material for investigating perceptive thresholds, suspended between concrete experience and abstraction.

Many of my projects take shape through photography, which I consider to be a contemplative practice. It allows our gaze some seconds more than the time we usually grant it, just as long exposures enable the camera lens to reveal what can be sometimes seen, but rarely preserved with our eyes. The resulting images in turn may invite contemplation.

My photographic works, both past and recent, are not documentary in character. They suggest an atmosphere to be experienced without narrative or spatial/temporal preconditioning, open to perception and imagination.

Over the years, I have also been using other media, to create drawings, installations, videos and pieces which explore digital techniques. The latter, although originating with photographic shots, move away from any immediate link with reality, towards an explicitly abstract formalisation.

Recently "en plein air" research and the physical relationship with the environment where I work have become increasingly present once again, paying particular attention to the psychological elements of landscape. Through nature – in urban contexts as well as in wild places – I investigate spaces of possible intersection between the external world and interiority.