This video illustrates the project Inframondo (Underworld), and in particular the workshop which took place in July 2013 with the PAV - Centro Sperimentale d’Arte Contemporanea, Turin, and the CAI Speleological Commission of Lanzo Torinese.

The project, conceived whilst undergoing some endoscopic investigations in 2012, is an ongoing, growing series of drawings produced in various caves and cavities, points of contact between inside and outside the planet.

Inframondo symbolically explores areas of intersection between the external world and interiority. It also suggests a re-positioning of man in nature: a dimension where uncertainty outweighs control, but at the same time it gives an opportunity for unexpected points of view.

The drawing installation was subject of a solo exhibition, including both Viale's individual work and the drawings made during the workshop, from October 2013 to January 2014 at the PAV in Turin.

video HD, 07’:40"

Inframondo project page

Orietta Brombin's text Workshop_34 / Inframondo, Claudio Cravero's text Unicum, in Internaturalità/Internaturalism, PAV, Prinp Editore, Turin, 2013

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