This piece was created for Riots, Here We Are, the XV Share Festival, Turin, 2020.

Riots… I confess that at first glance this theme seemed to me distant from my research…

Then I started to be intrigued by the idea of ​​"riot" as a subjective and inner experience… To decide to say "no!".

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During the lockdown I pursued volatile thoughts and possible forms, in the wake of an inner revolt that has inhabited me in recent months, following the no longer sustainable worsening of a long-standing family story.

I tried, even literally, to find a way to look at this revolt closely.

Among my attempts to intersect “viscera” and form there was a small ritual, during which I tore a sheet of my thoughts, photographing the fragments of paper with a microscope.

These fragments became posters, reproduced in hundreds of copies and assembled in large piles.

Visitors to the exhibition were welcome to take one with them.

The festival was curated by Bruce Sterling and Chiara Garibaldi.