Ce que tu es (Landscapes), Ce que tu es (Mechanical mixture 0.1), 2010-2016


In the photographic series Ce que tu es (Landscapes), a simple camp torch is the tool for an almost speleological research into the gloom of seemingly remote natural scenes, which are however often just round the corner, like small disused industrial areas remodelled by the spontaneous action of nature, or a wood that has appropriated the things that mankind has abandoned.

With long exposures this essential light restores places suspended between reality and mental dimension, where wide areas of obscurity leave space for the uncertain as well as for imagination.

In the installation Ce que tu es (Mechanical mixture 0.1), the mental space evoked by the photographs is extended into a three-dimensional, conceptual yet tangible place.

Some fragile, impenetrable mirrors are suspended and mobile in space amongst the photographs against the walls. When looking at the photographs it is impossible to ignore one's reflection on the mirrors, fragmented and mixed with glimpses of the surroundings, in a slow sequence of changeable and always partial views.

The title is borrowed from an esoteric text from the Twenties, which compares our psychic life to a still filled with various metallic powders. Every accidental change in the position of the still changes the relative position of the metals: under such conditions nothing is permanent and the interrelation of the powders to each other is variable and unstable.

Read the article Laura Viale. Ce que tu es, by Andrea Lerda, www.platformgreen.org